How are offers redeemed?

Every brand that is registered is provided a unique four-digit code. When students purchase an offer, they will visit your store and hand their phones over to an employee. Your employee must then enter this four-digit code into the students’ phones, and the offer will be redeemed.


The four-digit code for a particular brand can be found in the Brands List.


How does point accumulation work?

Students earn 1 key for every 1 minute their phone is locked.


Can offers be edited

If you wish to change an offer that is live on the application, you will have to contact us. We will then pull the offer, and allow you to create a new one. However, we do not recommend doing this often, because it may not go down well with potential customers.


Can a quantity restriction be imposed on an offer?

Unfortunately, we do not allow our partners to restrict the number of people who may redeem an offer. We recommend doing this indirectly through the expiry date/point value of said offer.


Will brands with ongoing offers receive a report?

Yes, a weekly report will be disbursed to all brands that have ongoing offers. These reports will detail all key analytics about the offers, such as number of clicks and number of redemption\'s.