Jobs R Us

Jobs R Us
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Sidrah Ashraf
A New Normal

Covid-19 engulfed our world in such an unpredictable manner that it impacted our lifestyles the most and especially during the strict lockdown when we were studying and working from home, it impacted several things such as work-life balance as well as a daily routine that we were used to. 

When it came to careers, several ended, jobs were lost but the Lock&Stock app updates open vacancies around your area and enable you to apply for jobs by using the ‘keys’ you have earned. All that simply by keeping your phone locked. 

In such a time when the situation is extremely unpredictable and most of the world is going through a second wave of the virus, Lock&Stock helps by offering its users the many benefits and accesses without the users having to look far and wide. The job opportunities range from Internships to Full-time paid jobs, with direct access to the employers. Even though life might not entirely be the same as it was pre-corona, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing since due to being at home people realised just how much they have and how effectively they could have used it. 

The app helps in enabling us to ensure we start using the time we have more efficiently and earn access to job opportunities through a reliable and free application. 

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