Wo+man or should we say WOMAN
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Revathi Ranjith
A woman does not need a man behind her for her success.

“A woman’s place is in the home”..... Do you agree with this statement? A woman, just because she is responsible to bear children and raise a family, cannot be shut behind doors, restricting herself from the rest of the world. “A strong woman is someone who isn’t afraid to share her opinions and speak her truth. She listens, but she doesn’t allow others’ problems to bring her down. She is filled with kindness, generosity, compassion, integrity, a willingness to be vulnerable, and authenticity. No matter what she is true to herself.” 


Let us gain some inspiration from these wonderful young woman entrepreneurs: 


Sophia Amoruso

Sophia is the owner of Nasty Gal and Girlboss Media. At the age of 36, she already has a net worth of $5 million. She is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs because she came back to the business after several downfalls. Back in 2015, she was bankrupt and had to be stepped down as Nasty Gal’s CEO. However this did not stop her from developing her new venture, Sophia went from having a net worth of $280 million in 2016 to $5 million today. 


Huda Kattan 

Huda Kattan is the owner of one of the best cosmetics brands- Huda Beauty. Again at the age of 36, she has a net worth of a whopping $610 million. She was initially working in the finance department in Dubai before she quit and started her journey in the beauty industry. Huda personally had difficulties finding high-quality false lashes personally and this led her to make her own faux lashes. Huda Beauty lashes got sold out within the first day of its launch and since then she has been building up her beauty empire. 


Tory Burch

Tory launched her label in 2004 which became a success due to her unique and on-trend designs. She is 54 years old and has a net worth of $850 million. She initially worked for big brands like Polo, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, and Loewe where she gained a lot of experience in the fashion industry. She has also founded a breast cancer research foundation that supports women with cancer and provides awareness to them about the disease. 


Kiran Mazumdar- Shaw

Kiran is India’s first female entrepreneur who founded her business of Biocon a biopharmaceutical company in 1978. Her products are sold in over 120 countries across the globe. She is a global business leader with over 4 decades of experience in the biotechnology industry. She is 67 years old and has a staggering $3.9 Billion net worth. 



Rihanna is not only our beloved queen singer but she is also a very successful entrepreneur. She is the founder of Fenty Beauty, Fenty Skin, and Savage x Fenty. She also owns Fenty x Savage and Fenty House with LVMH, being the only artist to come under the house responsible for other high-end brands like Givenchy and Dior. Her most recent expansion of the Fenty brand includes a skincare range suitable for all skin types. She is 32 years old and has a net worth of $600 million. 


Love the amount of determination and power these women hold right. To all the powerful women out there, always be strong and never give up on your dreams. Keep pushing yourself to reach better heights and success will come behind you even without you knowing it. 

Women have different experiences, and perhaps it is about time to let them create their built environment! 

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