How to get a larger audience on Instagram?
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Yousuf Agha
Methods that can help grow an audience

There are a few ways one can grow his/her audience and here are some pointers to get you started on your journey to fame, hopefully, these can get your ball rolling as you grow into the next Instagram influencer.

The most common mistake made in terms of social media is having an incomplete account, which means, the first thing we should do is fill out the details such as name, bio and be sure to pick a decent username. Unless you decide to pick “NoobMaster69”

  • Post at the right times – Posts to social media won’t have an impact if they are posted at times when they cannot be seen by the audience. One cannot expect their audience to be awake at night. So, it is always a better option to post when most of your audience is active.
  • Use Geotags to Boost Local Discovery – Geotags display your post to a location audience which is a great way for you to have brand new users check your page out and thus increase the traffic and audience on your Instagram page.
  • Organize Your Stories into Highlights – Your highlights serve as a welcome message to every person that decides to scroll through your profile. It is only when they find value in what they see do they decide to interact with what is offered to them.
  • Hop on Trends – Trends serve as the best way to showcase yourself and get fresh users to discover your content. These trends also showcase your originality to your audience thus leading them to believe in you
  • Use Instagram Live - Instagram live is another interactive feature that allows you to interact and spend time with your audience.

Always remember the biggest reason people follow you is for who you are, so try to be yourself in all the actions that you perform online. Living a life on social media where you end up chasing numbers like followers and likes will never lead to fulfillment and happiness. Look at it as a medium to express yourself and tell your story to the world.