Stressed but healthy?
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Kartik Puri
Everything you need to know about managing a healthy lifestyle while stressed

How often do you come across situations where you have tons of work to do, cannot find time to exercise because of your deadlines, and find it very difficult to manage workload stress and anxiety? Well, it is quite normal to face such situations, but the whole game is to stay fit and healthy even during stressful times, and the answer to this is: Healthy eating habits!

Stress Management

The first thing that comes up in our minds to manage stress, or anxiety, is to do exercise or go for a walk, refresh your brain. Although these things can help, the underlying fact is that during times of stress, what you eat will define your entire day! So for example, you tend to eat junk food when there is extra stress, because you believe that, OK, let me treat myself to such food, and i will feel better! Well no :) that is not always the case for your body. You will end up performing poorly and get sick during stressful times. Stress is something that weakens your immune system, and at that point, you need a balanced diet with certain nutrients, that can keep you active and healthy!

How exactly does healthy eating reduce stress?

So it is quite simple. Stress negatively affects blood flow and blood pressure. There is a relationship between the brain blood flow and brain health. So if your blood flow is affected, your brain health is affected, and that is where stress comes into the picture, as one of the causes for poor brain health.There are certain foods with certain nutrients that improve blood flow, like dark chocolate, blueberries, vitamin E found in red wine. This is why you must have heard people advising you to have dark chocolate before your exams, because you are under a lot of stress, and dark chocolate helps in improving blood flow!

The caffeine problem

Now in a student’s life, there will be tons of situations when he/she is under massive stress from either assignments, project deadlines, exams etc. And more often than not, they take help of caffeine,  to keep pushing and complete their work or keep studying till late night, a few hours before an exam. This is a major issue that needs to be solved to manage stress. Too much caffeine is dangerous and can also contribute towards poor quality of sleep and increased stress levels in the body. Sugary foods, another issue with the students. Well, these foods will satisfy you only for a few hours, and leave you with less energy and feeling more hungry, compared to whole foods, which keep you satisfied for several hours!

A list of healthy foods you must try!

Now that you have an idea about the whole topic about stress reduction using healthy foods. You might be wondering, which healthy foods can i incorporate in my diet, to reduce stress levels? 

Well, here’s a list, try it out and see how your body responds under stress, as you consume these foods.

Complex Carbs - These help the brain for steady supply of serotonin, a chemical that impacts your whole body! Some examples are whole-grain breads, pastas, oatmeal, etc. It also helps stabilize blood sugar levels.

Oranges - Rich in Vitamin C. Oranges can curb levels of stress hormones, and strengthen the immune system. 

Foods rich in magnesium - Spinach helps you by providing steady supply of magnesium because too little magnesium can trigger headaches and fatigues. Hence it is advised to have leafy vegetables that can maintain the magnesium levels.

Black Tea - Even though we are talking about healthy FOODS, Black tea makes the list because of the instant stress-relief that it provides. Black tea reduces the stress hormones significantly during stressful situations, compared to normal tea.

Almonds - Ahh! The most popular one. A handful of almonds provides increased immunity, and also certain vitamins that reduce stressful situations during the day.

Natural Fatty Fish - Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish, help reduce stress hormones and also prevent heart disease. Therefore, try out fatty fish during stressful situations.

Now that you are well-versed with what to eat during stressful times. 

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