It's a Win-win Situation!

It's a Win-win Situation!
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Sidrah Ashraf
A Great Deal

If only there was an app that rewarded us for going about our day’s routine and kept us from getting distracted while we finished up on our tasks. The kind of rewards that benefited us. All this, for free. 

Why isn’t that a thing already—oh wait, it is!  

The Lock&Stock app doesn't just keep you from getting distracted by your phone, but it also gives you the incentive to stay away from it. You are earning points for basically going through your daily routine and only using the phone when extremely necessary.  

While the temptations to pick up the phone and either indulge yourself in a game or endlessly scroll through a social media platform are often strong, the offers provided by Lock&Stock would act as a motivation to keep that phone locked for a longer time. Offers that extend from discounts on food and beverage to Scholarship offers at universities, all for keeping your phone locked!  

With the knowledge of what the Lock&Stock app has to offer, you would not easily succumb to the many distractions your phone has to offer. Distraction has a price: guilt.  The guilt for having wasted time when you had enough of it, the guilt of not doing what you should have been doing. The app does not allow the guilt to kick in, since it not only reminds you to stay off the phone but gives you an incentive to work hard so that you can play harder later. 
Take it as a rewarding system, an app motivates and rewards you for basically doing your work, which at the end of the day, benefits you! It’s a win-win situation. 

And once a busy day has gone by and you have done all you could, order that B&R icecream on a discounted rate, treat yourself for a job well done by unlocking discounts on the Lock&Stock app!

Discounts and several other offers are available on our app, check us out!

“ Distraction has a price: Guilt”