Marvel and DC, all you need to know!
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Revathi Ranjith
Bringing the franchises together here

Superhero movies contributed to most of our childhood lives. Even as adults, a lot of us enjoy hopping on our couch with a bucket of popcorn to enjoy a superhero movie. This genre of science fiction surely has no age limits. However, there are several of us that prefer either the MCU or the DCU over the other because of the variety of superheroes both of these universes have brought us. It is silly sometimes when people google if Superman can defeat Thanos or if Iron Man can defeat Batman. HAHA *Joker evil laugh*


Here are some super interesting facts about the Marvel and the DC universe that will blow your minds off!! 

Let us start off with the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe’ 

1. Howard Stark to suit up as War Machine in Iron Man

Before the start of the production of the movie Iron Man, it was said that various different scripts had existed. One of the strangest discoveries was that Howard Stark- the father of Tony Stark would be revealed in the movie as still alive. He is supposed to be the War Machine of the movie who is coming back to battle his own son. DAMN we all missed a father/son dynamic battle! 

2. Gal Gadot in the Guardians of the Galaxy 

YES! Gal Gadot was almost nearly casted off as Nebula- the wicked step-sister of Gamora in the Guardians of the Galaxy. She landed with this offer long before she was asked to be a part of the DCU as the wonder woman. The Justice League damn well would have looked different if Gal Gadot played Nebula xD. 

3. Tom Holland should always keep his Instagram Notifications ON! 

Our most beloved Spider-Man actor Tom Holland realized that he got his role as the Spider-Man via Instagram!!! Tom Holland won the role but it wasn't until after he saw the news on Instagram in a post directing him to that he received a call from Kevin Feige confirming that he was Spidey. 

4. I love You, 3000 <3 

One of the most viral lines from the movie Avengers: Endgame “I love You 3000” was never present in the script. This line was portrayed by Robert Downey Jr in the film and it took off among the comic book fans and teenagers following the movie's release. Surprisingly, Robert insisted on having this line in the movie since he says it to his own children off-screen. *Awww moment* 

5. The MCU is worth more than you can imagine $$$

Money everywhere guys! The MCU has grossed over $22 billion at the worldwide box office. They are said to be one of the highest-grossing movie franchises in history. The big news is- the MCU has nearly earned more than the DCU, The Star Wars, and the Transformers franchises have ever earned combined! WOAH. 


Phewww… That was a lot to digest from the MCU, now let us spill some tea from the DC Extended Universe!

1. Look up at the sky…. 

I think none of us would forget the most iconic Superhero scene in which Superman uses his powers to rescue an airplane in one of his initial movies. Around the release of Batman vs Superman, Turkish Airlines had used superhero logos to attract fans in one of their marketing campaigns. The company got themselves to paint symbols of batman and superman on the sides of the aircraft and they also used a promo that showed Gotham and metropolis as destination cities. 

2. The director of Man of Steel 

Guess what? The Batman actor Ben Affleck almost directed Man of Steel instead of the legendary Zack Snyder. In 2010 shortly after directing two hits by Ben Affleck, he had decided to keep an eye on directing the Man of Steel starring Henry Cavil as well. Soon after that incident, Warner Bros pinned Ben Affleck to direct the Justice League. 

3. Why so SERIOUS? 

The Joker was supposed to return in the Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan was planning to give the Clown Prince of Crime a minor appearance in The Dark Knight Rises. He would have been seen in the Arkham Asylum had Heath Ledger not tragically passed away :( 

The legend will be remembered forever! 


4. Superman and his weird talents. 

According to the age-old DC comics, it was said that Superman possessed a set of bizarre skills. He could control other people's minds just by concentrating extremely hard. He had the power to know who was calling on the telephone. However, the best one was Superman's power to summon a tiny version of himself through his hand- Hmmm- where are you at Ant Man? Oops! 

5. Batman is not the richest DC character? 

Batman is shown to be living the most extravagant life within all the DC superheroes. His Batcave is filled with super badass gadgets and technologically advanced equipment that no other character can even dream of. However, the richest DC character is said to be Aquaman - the king of Atlantis, and not Batman. In Fact- the Aquaman is even richer than Tony Stark. DAMN waterboy!!! 

To sum up, while fans wage a war in between which company is better- the Marvel or the DC, both sides do share a friendly rivalry. There have been scenarios in which DC was going to sell out their company to Marvel when they were in a slump. However, both the companies have faced several downfalls and made crossovers together, even though there were situations in which one of them copied the other like the idea of Thanos in Marvel and the Darkside in DC. 

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