To bed with you, not the phone

To bed with you, not the phone
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Sidrah Ashraf
Say Goodnight

It’s bedtime, you’re tired and it’s time to start ‘logging-off’ of life. Sleeping won’t be an issue if you start to gradually slow your mind down. It can get noisy in there, thoughts about anything and everything just buzz around like bees and all you want is some peace and quiet in there.

Then don’t take your phone to Bed. Go to bed, mindfully. Take just yourself in there and not a piece of device that will probably keep your exhausted mind rolling for several hours.

And here’s what The Times Magazine U.K has to say about the matter:

Two hours of exposure to a blue screen device near to bedtime can suppress melatonin by 22 per cent and increases the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. Sleep disruption caused by keeping a phone next to you at night increases the risk of heart disease and memory problems.


The exposure of screens triggers our mind to not just remain awake, but it releases certain stress hormones as well, which then keeps you awake further into the night. It is recommended that at least an hour before you intend to go to bed, the lights around you should be dimmed so to ‘signal’ your brain into realizing that it is time to ‘shut down’ for the night. These signals we send to our brains play an important role in forming our thoughts and how we feel. It’s a cycle, there are inputs and outputs, remain mindful of that as well.

We already have Covid-19 in the air and this thing isn’t going away any time soon, so let’s be kinder to ourselves, more mindful of how we are feeling and leave that phone further away from the bed, once step at a time, practising leaving the phone out of the bed will eventually become a habit.

“ Go to bed mindfully”