Myth vs Facts - Fitness

Myth VS Facts - Fitness
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Kartik Puri
Start looking at fitness from a different perspective!

The fitness industry, in general, is the home to a lot of myths. Day in and day out we come across so many myths about fitness, to an extent that people end up keeping a distance from the gyms, or exercising in general.

But, we are here to bust some of the most popular myths for you! So that you can get a more clear picture of fitness, and how crucial it is for your health. Never take your health for granted! NEVER.

Myth 1: It is important to stretch before you start exercising.

Fact: Well, you must be shocked here! “But I thought we should stretch our whole body before we start exercising?!” Sorry to say but it is not exactly true! 

Stretching, in general, can weaken your performance. If we talk numbers, it can weaken your muscles by about 30%. Hence it is advised that instead of stretching before you start your workout, you should do some light aerobic movements, or maybe walk on the treadmill. This way the blood starts flowing in your body. 



Myth 2: Running on a treadmill is as effective as running outside.

Fact: Okay so this myth is very popular. I am sure you have heard people saying that - “let’s run on the treadmill instead of going for a jog, it's the same thing!” Well, No, it is not the same thing. Running outside, with the winds lashing onto you, or even running in the hot sun, burns about 10% more calories compared to running on the treadmill! It is because you never run in a straight line when outside, different terrain forces the body to push itself. 

Myth 3: I want to burn fat, so I should just focus on cardio for weight loss.

Fact: This certainly has got to be the biggest myth for those looking to reduce weight. How many times do you enter a gym and see people just walking on the treadmill for the sake of it?

Try to get off your butt and go lift weights, my friend :) Strength training is way more important than you think. This, with a strategic diet plan, will give you the desired results you are looking for. 

Myth 4: Egg yolk should not be eaten 

Fact: The most classic myth has been busted! The Egg yolk was seen as something that can increase your cholesterol levels and should be avoided at all costs. But it has been proved that egg yolks are way more important than you think! Yes, it does contain cholesterol but for example, you eat 5 eggs at a time, a minimum of 2 eggs can be eaten with the egg yolk. It does provide you some of the important nutrients required by the body. Give it a try!

Myth 5: Weight-lifting will bulk you up.

Fact: This one goes out to women especially. This myth has caused a lot of people to shy away from strength training as they feel their body will “Bulk up” if they lift weights!

It is high time now that people understand strength training is not only done to get BIGGER. Its main function is to tone your body, involve all body movements in a challenging way.

The only difference here is that unless you are specifically training to get bigger, you will not suddenly bulk up if you lift weights, so PLEASE, do not shy away from weight-lifting, thank you :)

Myth 6: if you did not sweat, your workout was not effective.

Fact: Sweating should never be compared to the effort you put into your workout. Some people sweat a lot more than others, it is just a measure of your body temperature. I come across people who barely did 1 or 2 exercises and their whole t-shirt is wet, whereas some people finished their workout and there is no hint of sweat. So, sweating does not determine your efforts, please ignore such myths!!

Myth 7: Ab exercises will tone my stomach and reduce fat.

Fact: Well, this myth is very relatable to me. Because I have been a victim of it for a long, long time now. 

Ab exercises are done to build abdominal muscles or strengthen your core. This is not rocket science. You can not eliminate fat from your stomach if you just keep doing core exercises and stop cardio. 

Cardio, along with a strategic diet, will help in fat loss.

Myth 8: Morning is the best time to workout.

Fact: Nope, there is nothing like that. There is no set time for anyone to workout. Yes, maybe to some extent working out right in the morning can clear your head and you become fresh but that is not a major issue. The whole point is to be consistent with what you do. If you are a night owl like me, do not stress about working out in the morning. Just block out a minimum of 1 hour of your day to workout, become consistent, make it a habit and you will be good!

Myth 9: Women and Men require different workout regimes.

Fact: For so many years, there has been a conclusion that women can not train the way men do. But it is high time now that people stop making a comparison! It will cause no harm to a woman’s body if she trains the same way as a man. There is no need to shy away from doing heavy exercises like bench press, deadlift, lat pulldown etc. This major myth needs to be eliminated from the fitness industry, and women should be encouraged to do strength training!

Myth 10: Working out on an empty stomach is very effective.

Fact: You will not lose any amount of weight or fat if you work out on an empty stomach. It will in-fact cause you more pain than needed! I mean, imagine going into the gym with almost no energy, yeah, that’s not a good sight, is it? Try to eat something before your workouts, a light meal that keeps you energized for the duration of the session!

Some people to this date believe these myths, and well I feel sorry for them. I hope you are one of them and now I have managed to open your eyes! Also now that you are aware of all the fitness-related myths, you should be much more motivated to hit a workout session (i hope so). Why not earn some rewards while working out in the gym? Yes, it is possible! 

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