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Weird ways to earn money
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Revathi Ranjith
Gain inspiration from these students!

Have you ever thought of dropping out of school or college to start your own venture and make some money? Well, there have been several people out there that have been making money in the weirdest ways possible. These young people out there have been coming up with few brilliant ideas that are helping them save some bucks without actually going to a full-time job. Damn, don't you think that's the dream… making money without actually going to a full-time job! However, for a better understanding let us try to analyze their ideas and see what our brilliant next move would be. 


  1. DEMI SKIPPER: An influencer hailing all the way from San Francisco has been on a trading journey after she was inspired by a man named Kyle Macdonald who had done a similar trade-off in 2005. Demi initially started her trade using a bobby pin in May 2020. Starting with a Bobby Pin, here is how her journey went forward- Bobby Pin to Earrings- Earrings to 4 Margarita glasses, Glasses to Vacuum Cleaner, to SnowBoard, to Apple TV 4K, to Bose headphones, to a new XBOX One with controllers, to an Apple Macbook Pro, to a Canon Camera, to a White Nike Blazers, and it kept going on until Demi landed with a lovely cabin. She is currently on a hunt to find a trade-off for the Cabin that she got from a Jeep Patriot car. 

                                      For more information check out her website: Trade Me Project 


  1. JOE FRANKLIN: A dropout from the UK started selling rare trainers and this idea helped him earn a ridiculously huge amount of money. Joe started his journey with his friends by collecting trainers. He had other people reach out to him to help them sell their trainers. Joe began getting a profit of 30% more than what he initially paid for the shoe itself. This motivated him to start a game of “Buying and Selling”. Joe mainly used Facebook as his main platform to conduct his business. He even sourced his trainers for top UK Rap and Grime artists. “Joe says on an average week he now makes anywhere between £5,000 and £20,000.” 

                                            For more information visit: 'I dropped out of school, now I sell £60,000 trainers' 


  1. MAHA: A senior student studying for graphic design and computer science recently started a small business during quarantine. She initially started off by posting eye shadow videos on her Instagram, after her account blew up, other cosmetic brands would send their samples that she could try out and post on her Instagram. Maha mainly got influenced by noticing how cute most of the packaging of the products were. The main feature about her cosmetic MAHACosmetics is her introduction of this really cute concept called the MilkShake Bundle. So for those who are not aware, these MilkShake bundles come with a cute scrunchie, a choice of your lashes, candies, and stickers. Maha used TikTok as a promotional tool and that's how her business took off.

                          For more information visit: MAHA Cosmetics  


  1. KIZA DANIELSON: An 18-year-old student from Greenwich High School has started a small business by selling clothes made using the Tie Dye method. She started off her business through her Instagram account known as Lizas Closet, where she sells various ranges of bright-colored clothing to masks. Her main idea of starting this business was after the “Black lives matter” protest. She believed that all colors mattered and therefore started promoting clothes of bright colors. She also started using her business to raise money for racial justice. She has been using social media to gain wide attention from her audiences. She has been learning new things and experiencing how a life of a young entrepreneur would be. For more information visit: LIZA'S CLOSET (@liza.closet)


  1.  TYLER BOTT: An 18-year-old American TikTok star and social media personality started making money by selling his paintings online. He makes videos like comedy content, rants, lip-sync videos, and more. He has a massive amount of followers on TikTok. His youtube channel is known as TyBott Official which was started around May 16, 2015. On the 16th of April, 2020 Tyler painted an original acrylic art piece and put it on eBay. After posting it online, he also shared it on his Instagram, TikTok and his youtube channel. The videos quickly blew up and in 24 hours he had bids of up to $15,000. He has posted his complete journey about how it all started on his Youtube channel. 

       For more information visit: SELLING MY ART ON EBAY FOR $15,000!!!