The future is here : Memes!

The future is here: Memes!
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Kartik Puri
Can you recall these memes?

In today’s fast-growing digital era, the type of content that increases engagement among large audiences has been proven to be memes. We all have grown up watching various issues or visual elements turn into globally recognized memes. Therefore, this article will be quite the trip down memory lane ;) But before we begin, quick fact: Richard Dawkins first coined the term “meme” in 1976 to imply "that which is limited". Seems accurate considering how much awareness has been brought about by a post with one line and an image.


Success kid meme (2007)

To start, I would like you to recall this baby. Yes, it's “that one”. This meme had come about in 2007. It was just a normal picture of a baby clenching his fists full of sand, with a determined face. This image blew up on the internet and was called the “success kid” meme. Eventually, the baby was called the “internet’s most famous baby”

The father of this baby was going through a kidney transplant and the mother raised a crowdfunding program, which had eventually reached its target of raising 70,000$ because of how huge this meme had become! So technically, a meme saved someone’s life! Think about it! That is the power of the internet.


Troll face (2008)

Let's be honest here, who has NOT come across such kind of memes in the past? This troll face meme had first originated around 2008 in a cartoon that was mainly intended to troll the users. The above image sort of depicts the essence of this meme, it had a lot of variations in the faces being used, but we have all grown up looking at this!


Disaster Girl (2008)

This image still haunts me. I mean look at this child, look at those eyes, no wonder it is a classic meme. It was a global hit around November 2008, and the meme implies all this fire was caused by her. Well, I am glad the spider is dead at least :)


Keep calm and carry on! (2009)

Another meme template that all of us have come across at some or the other points of time in our lives. This viral meme caught widespread attention on the internet in 2009, and there were millions of variations in the meme. There was not one day where I did not see this image! It has stayed with the users of the internet since then, but it is not used as of today.


Overly Attached Girlfriend(2012)

Well, that smile is haunting me. But this meme blew up in 2012 and went onto roast romantic partners that were borderline psychotic. Usually, a normal girlfriend would say, “where were you?” but no :) we go straight to the point by asking “who is she” which is ABSOLUTELY normal.


John Cena meme (2015)

What comes to your mind when someone shows you their 5 fingers and says “you can’t see me” (think of the school days when we recreated WWE stunts!)

Yes. It is John Cena. This is hands down one of the most classic memes out there! Just look at the above picture, THE SIMILARITY IS UNCANNY! John cena himself has accepted this meme and in the past has joined the internet when it comes to trolling himself (what a legend!)

Drake - Hotline Bling (2016)

Oh, Hey! Another classic! This is where we can come clear and say that the internet is a weird place! 

This meme was born from a small scene in the Hotline Bling music video by Drake and, as usual, destroyed the internet. This is the best way to explain how memes progressed over the years. 

Around 2015 onwards, the internet had started extracting memes from videos, and this is the best example! I mean just 3 seconds of a music video defined a classic meme!

Distracted Boyfriend (2017)

Around mid-august of 2017, the internet had now moved over to another meme, The distracted Boyfriend! This meme blew up on Instagram especially, because there was not one day when we did not come across this meme. It gives ample opportunities to be creative, and it most certainly can be used anywhere and everywhere! 

The creativity surrounding this meme was out of the box, and no wonder it was still relevant for at least a year.


Woman yelling at a cat (2019)

This creative meme was actually put together in 2019. These are 2 separate images that were combined as a meme from the 2011 episode of “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills”, and boy was the combination perfect! The cat’s face has to be the winner here, and it was first posted on Tumblr in 2018. 


Bernie Sanders (2021)

OK! The Last one, trust me. We cannot come to a close on this memorable journey of memes without including the latest and the most popular meme currently, which is the Bernie Sanders meme. 

It was a nice and cold afternoon in the USA, when president Joe Biden had sworn an oath to become the 46th President of the United States. The video coverage of the live event became a huge hit. Why do you ask? It is because, during the live stream, we see Bernie Sanders, sitting very cozy in his sweater and gloves. 

This 5 seconds coverage of Bernie Sanders on the chair became a major hit when it comes to the meme world, and the internet left no stone unturned to make this meme a global hit!


Aaaaaand, there we are. This is the end of the nostalgic ride. If you were able to recall all the memes, hats off to you my friend! If not, I'm sorry to say but you have been living under a rock! One thing is clear, the quality of memes over the years has progressed massively. I mean, come on, most DMs on Instagram consists of exchanging memes. It is a form of communication now. In fact, Memes are the future!!

Stay updated, stay connected, through memes :)