Time is Money!

Time is Money!
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Kartik Puri & Revathi Ranjith
Developing the vital skill of time management in today’s dynamic world.

Do you sometimes feel that 24hours in a day is not enough to complete all of your tasks or university assignments? Do you find yourself asking your superiors for an extra day or two to complete them?

Time management is something that can be achieved by effectively training yourself daily and getting familiar with some of the tactics that are required to do so.

Research has shown that people usually think of time management as multitasking, where one does more than two tasks simultaneously. This is not effective as it leads to a decrease in productivity because you keep switching from one task to another. Instead, it is advised to have a streamlined focus on one specific thing, to avoid any kind of mistakes.

Keeping an eye on the clock:

Always keep an eye on the time. It sounds very straightforward and simple but you realize that when you are under immense pressure to meet your deadlines, keeping an eye on the clock gives you a realistic view of the amount of time that you have in your hands and the amount of work that is still left to be completed.

It gives you a quick moment of introspection – wherein you can easily balance out what should be done next in the available amount of time.

Tools to make managing time easier: 

Students will be exposed to many situations in the corporate arena where they have to tackle multiple tasks in a single day. To help balance and manage your time wisely for the future, make use of the following top apps now itself:

Trello  -  is one such app that helps in managing your work, making a systematic list, and is very flexible in terms of incorporating any edits that have to be made as the day goes on.

Toggl - An app that helps in project planning, time tracking, and much more. It has a simple user interface and is very useful for university students to stay ahead of their work.

Boosted - Time & Productivity Tracker -  A free to install time management and productivity tracker app; not only manage different tasks but even how you spend your time in a day.

Time Tracking Software - Free Automated Time Tracker TimeCamp - This application uses a time-tracking mechanism for major business operations. It specializes in billing clients, measuring project profitability, or paying employees at the end of the month.

Best Note Taking App - Organize Your Notes with Evernote - It is by far one of the top note-making applications for students. It helps you avoid wasting time shuffling for specific notes or important documents from time to time.  

Plan your day from start to finish:

Plan your day as soon as you wake up. You know the work that has to be done, you know the amount of time you have on your hands today, so try to divide your work accordingly, on an hourly basis at least. Listen to The 5 AM Miracle Podcast by Jeff Sanders to get that extra zest for the day!

It becomes easier to divide work on an hourly basis because even if you end up finishing it before-hand, you can go the extra mile and probably complete a small percentage of work that was to be completed the following day.


We, as human beings always have the tendency to limit ourselves to certain activities a day even though we know that we have deadlines coming up for us. Unnecessarily postponing important deadlines or decisions will lead to major complications in life. 

Always be optimistic about your future, keep target deadlines and solid plans for each and every task, by doing so you can avoid procrastination. Stay focused, avoid indecisiveness and find out your nature of procrastination in order to eliminate them from hindering your goals in daily life. 

Prioritizing your time is very essential:

Consider a situation, wherein you are given 2-3 tasks that have to be completed within 3 days. Start prioritizing your work as soon as possible, make a list of the tasks to be completed from most important, to moderately important, and go about it in this way. This technique helps to have a clear vision and go about your tasks one at a time.

Pomodoro Technique: 

The Pomodoro technique is a very useful tool in order to use our time efficiently. This famous technique was founded by Francesco Cirrillo in the late 1980s. Following this simple 5 step technique could go a long way when you are trying to manage your time wisely.  


Always stay focused, learn to break down complex tasks, and combat distractions to improve your level of productivity. 


A research study conducted by a company called FileMaker Inc. shows that about 50% of college-going students feel that they do not find enough time to complete their coursework. Therefore it is clear that time management is crucial, and it needs to be advocated on a larger scale. Hopefully, these tips will immensely help you be a much more efficient person in your academics or workplace.