Taking a crystal clear approach
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Simran Chaudhry & Natalia Nazeem
How we ensure the customer remains top priority

Determining a company’s core values can be difficult, especially when they are diversified in terms of products and projects. When it comes to Lock&Stock however, it’s easy to see the key principles that influence every project, product, and update the company releases. One of these principles involves putting the customer first. This is a goal that the company continually strives to achieve — simply put, we say ‘innovate or die’.

In relation to this, transparency is key to Lock&Stock in strengthening the relationship with each customer. It’s evident in the way projects are handled and in the willingness of the company to work with their customers to reach their overall vision: ‘‘I think, as a company, it’s important to remember that ‘customer is king’. Always. Ensuring that we are transparent with our communications and decisions is extremely important when it comes to putting customers first since it helps us to collect feedback and understand the effect of our decisions on our users,’’ says Aaditya, Head of Product Development.

Transparency has a positive effect on users, as it creates a sense of trust between the company and the customer. Building this trust with customers is important because it helps them choose a company that is honest, open and reliable: ‘‘We’ve seen that transparency has had a direct correlation with improved engagement with users as well as significantly more satisfied users,’’ says Aaditya.

Lock&Stock aims to provide the best customer experience possible — this goal is reflected within the company, in terms of both external and internal projects. The thought process behind the projects carried out here at Lock&Stock is based on how beneficial they will be to the customer.


‘‘We pride ourselves on being agile and extremely responsive to changing customer requirements. Our core development strategy revolves around our users and improving their satisfaction with using our products’’ — Aaditya Raghu.

With that in mind, the team’s main focus is to carry out projects that simplify the university application process and make information easily accessible. Along with being open and providing as much information as possible to users, Lock&Stock focuses on limiting the time spent making this difficult decision: ‘‘We also work on getting smarter and providing a more personalised experience to Lock&Stock users to help reduce the amount of time users spend on researching,’’ explains Aaditya.

The customer will always remain a top priority for Lock&Stock. The team recognises the value of their customers and through this, ensures to remain transparent with their projects and decisions. This, in turn, helps to gain the trust and commitment from their customers to create products that will be valued in the long run: ‘‘the projects that Lock&Stock is currently working aim on making more information available to our users, in a unified location,’’ Aaditya adds.

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