How to relate, the in-class version

How to relate, the in-class version
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Sidrah Ashraf
Be Aware of Yourself and Others

Today’s keyword is Mindfulness! 

Being mindful of yourself, how you are feeling and what you are doing and then what you ‘should’ be doing as well as being mindful of the people around you requires some practice, but then you get there and the feeling is amazing! 

Imagine this: you’re standing in front of the class and it’s your turn to present the topic you prepared but while you stand there, stammering through information and haphazardly checking your slides, your classmates have their eyes trained on their respective phones. Feels great, doesn’t it? (no). There’s probably a voice in your head asking, ‘why am I even doing this?’ 

Remember that feeling for the next time your professor is trying to explain a concept to you for you to be able to pass the course, but you’ve got your sights set on your phones! Be mindful of how the professor must be feeling now. Be mindful of the tuition you paid to be able to take the course! 

Staying away from your phone and being Mindful about it is going to do a world of good to you!

“ Being mindful of yourself will do a world of good”