15 Things you need for Christmas

Happy Holidays!
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Sidrah Ashraf
Indulge yourself!
  • Top five Netflix shows/movies to watch  

SOMEBODY FEED PHIL ( Reality TV, 4 seasons. Series on Netflix)  

While this show might seem like just another guy travelling the world tasting their cuisines, it’s a lot more than that. Get some Holiday food inspirations and mix it up by watching Phil indulge in all kinds of diverse cuisine. From Moroccan food to Mexican, he finds out hidden beauties of the place by word of mouth and by walking through the streets.

What makes the show stand out is the humour and wit of the host, honestly, he is such a character! In a good sense! He’ll make you want to be his friend. He seems to love hugs and interacts with people as if they are his friends. He incorporates these sweet, heart-warming Skype calls with his parents in every episode to regale them with his adventures, which really is something we have all been doing during this Covid-era. A relevant, light-hearted show of our times and a truly binge-worthy experience.



ELF (Movie- 2003. Available on Netflix)

 A Family comedy to watch either with your family, friends or all by yourself. The fun doesn’t stop as the movie takes you on an adventure that is full of laughter, wholesome interactions and leaves your heart full of peace and happiness. This Holiday season follow the character of Will Farrell, a human who is brought up by Santa and with great delight, leaves the North Pole to find his real dad. What could go wrong? ( famous last words) No, he doesn’t die. Just emotionally bruised.



THE HOLIDAY ( Movie- 2006. Available on Netflix)

Ever wanted to live at someone else’s place and get away from people you know? This movie will instantly transport you, via imagination and the two protagonists, who exchange houses for a holiday, inevitably flying to live in different countries. The characters get a taste of an alternative life during the Christmas season. A romantic comedy with a twist!



RED (Movie- 2010. Available on Netflix)

Set in the Holiday season, this action-comedy is also a love story in which during Christmas, things seem to be looking up for our protagonist, a retired CIA operative. Christmas does not remain very Merry for him anymore when bullets rain and he ends up accidentally kidnapping his future girlfriend. Together they go through an intense adventure with a handful of skilled, ex-CIA agents. This movie is loosely based on a comic book and also has a second movie named, wait for it, Red 2!



MR. BEAN’S HOLIDAY (Movie 2007. Available on Netflix)                                                               

A 2007 comedy based on the beloved Mr Bean series and can be watched as a stand-alone sequel as well. The man says very little but his actions speak volumes about what’s going on in his mind.

A wonderful fit for the Holiday season, to be watched with friends, family or by yourself, especially if you’re unable to travel and are in need of Bean’s virtual company. Travel with him this Holiday and watch as he stumbles in and out of trouble. Laughter guaranteed!



  • Top Five Book Recommendations


 The title speaks for itself, Mark Manson, the author provides life advice, which according to him, “doesn’t suck”. Available in audio format as well as paperback, the book touches upon several daily life issues, from the smallest of annoyances to the largest risk that we as humans go through in life. Mark pitches his own two cents and gives some solid but also thought-provoking advice. Certainly a good ice-breaker of a book.





  A Biographical and humorous book by Tan France which sheds light on the story about a Pakistani boy growing up in Britain and then eventually moving to the USA. Tan, his actual name is Tanveer, sheds light on different aspects of his life from facing bullying, threats of physical violence and racism to realising his passions and navigating through life to follow them. He also touches upon the topic of 9/11 and talks about what ‘Never Forget’ means for the Muslim community all over the world. His tale is told by him in a witty and bold manner, truly a refreshing read!





And now for a book that tends to our emotional health as well as our mental health, it’s called Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy it is also declared a clinically-proven drug free treatment for depression but trust me it's not just for depression. From anxiety to panic attacks and PTSD, it really helps you to take the reins of the runaway horses that are your thoughts and feelings. This book is by Doctor David D. Burns and is certainly something healthy and positive to read during these turbulent times of COVID-19.






By George Orwell, the novel is a modern classic about the negative utopia which captures the imagination of the readers and presents a nightmarish view of the world. It is an intriguing read for everyone with its thought-provoking portrayal of the world’s future.






A novel by Brit Bennett written in 2020 and HBO has already acquired the rights to develop a limited series based on it. The book itself is a historical fiction mystery and coming of age story. It explores family dynamics and brings to light the underrated social issue known as Colourism. Depicting two sisters who have different skin-tones, the book follows how their lives change based on something they never had any control over.





  • Top Five Must-have Applications



For this holiday season, the app is offering many giveaways as well as several discounts on all sorts of different restaurants and cafes. From PS5 to gifts worth several thousand Dirhams, Careem is contributing to make this Holiday season as Merry as possible. Along with that the more the app is used for booking rides or ordering food as well as groceries. the more points people earn and go up to the gold level which then unlocks several other greater discount options on orders and rides.




The app features several restaurants and cafes as well as grocery stores that are exclusively available on Deliveroo. Along with several discounts and grocery options with very effective customer service, this app is a hassle-free way to shop for food and other items such as medicines and groceries. With the holiday season upon us, the app is offering deals for the Festive season.




The app offers groceries, flower shops,  food orders and pharmacies along with several deals and discounts which enables customers to choose from a vast variety of restaurants, with deliveries being done in a timely manner.




With the aim of improving the quality of life for students, this app happened after a student in-class found himself being increasingly distracted by his phone. Hence, the app provides motivation for students especially and people, in general, to stay off of their phone and in return, rewards them with discounts, scholarship offers and job opportunities!




For those of us who have trouble sleeping and shutting off their minds, this app provides different sounds and tunes, from nature-based sounds to ambient sounds, as well as sounds from places like Cafes to the Beach and instrumentals. These sounds can help direct your imagination to your happy place and lull you to sleep. Which means can pick a combination of soothing melodies to fill your ears, lay back and close your eyes. Allow it to peacefully guide you away from all the noise. 


“ The man says very little but his actions speak volumes about what’s going on in his mind.”